Box Review: Soul of Resurrection


This is the 22nd Mini Box and was released on December 11th, 2019. Soul of Resurrection introduces the Shiranui archtype and adds support for Zombie and /Assault Mode decks.

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Card List

Ultra Rare
Duel Links Card: Dragonecro%20Nethersoul%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Shiranui%20Squiresaga
Duel Links Card: Raigeki%20Break
Super Rare
Duel Links Card: Vulcan%20the%20Divine
Duel Links Card: Shiranui%20Solitaire
Duel Links Card: Shiranui%20Squire
Duel Links Card: Red%20Resonator
Duel Links Card: Mystic%20Tomato
Duel Links Card: Zombie%20Master
Duel Links Card: Jester%20Confit
Duel Links Card: Assault%20Mode%20Zero
Duel Links Card: Book%20of%20Life
Duel Links Card: Dragon's%20Mirror
Duel Links Card: Shiranui%20Shogunsaga
Duel Links Card: Shiranui%20Sunsaga
Duel Links Card: Phantasmal%20Lord%20Ultimitl%20Bishbaalkin
Duel Links Card: Ascension%20Sky%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Underground%20Arachnid
Duel Links Card: Shiranui%20Spectralsword
Duel Links Card: Shiranui%20Spiritmaster
Duel Links Card: Shiranui%20Samurai
Duel Links Card: Shiranui%20Spectralsword%20Shade
Duel Links Card: Doomkaiser%20Dragon/Assault%20Mode
Duel Links Card: Arcanite%20Magician/Assault%20Mode
Duel Links Card: Ghost%20Charon,%20the%20Underworld%20Boatman
Duel Links Card: Shiranui%20Style%20Synthesis
Duel Links Card: Assault%20Counter
Duel Links Card: Cherry%20Inmato
Duel Links Card: Skelesaurus
Duel Links Card: Pyramid%20of%20Wonders
Duel Links Card: Shiranui%20Samuraisaga
Duel Links Card: Zeman%20the%20Ape%20King
Duel Links Card: Frozen%20Fitzgerald
Duel Links Card: Shiranui%20Smith
Duel Links Card: Hyper%20Psychic%20Blaster/Assault%20Mode
Duel Links Card: Arcane%20Apprentice
Duel Links Card: Assault%20Mercenary
Duel Links Card: Night%20Wing%20Sorceress
Duel Links Card: Jester%20Lord
Duel Links Card: Wolf
Duel Links Card: Pale%20Beast
Duel Links Card: Girochin%20Kuwagata
Duel Links Card: Assault%20Teleport
Duel Links Card: Assault%20Revival
Duel Links Card: Assault%20Slash
Duel Links Card: Kangaroo%20Champ
Duel Links Card: Dark%20Spider
Duel Links Card: Humpty%20Grumpty
Duel Links Card: Tutan%20Mask
Duel Links Card: Kickfire

Dkayed's Thoughts

Gia's Thoughts


Top Player Council Thoughts


On the heels of the recent EX structure, the new box includes more Assault Mode support as expected. Assault Mode Zero naturally comes with it to act as a non-premium route for the /Assault Mode monsters, with extra perks of being a Quick-Play and having a GY effect. It’s even searchable by Psi-Reflector.

While Konami didn’t make a big push with Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode, Doomkaiser Dragon/Assault Mode could be interesting with Zombie decks such as the new Shiranui archetype or in more generic decks packing Posthumous Army.

Arcanite Magician/Assault Mode has a nice board wipe effect but the small 900 ATK left after using it would probably compel players to look elsewhere for /Assault Mode candidates, especially in a meta where Ignition effect removal is par for the course, so most decks are ready for it.

Hyper Psychic Blaster/Assault Mode has nice stats, especially given that it can float. Its burn damage can be devastating against Invoked monsters, since Invoked Cocytus and Invoked Magellanica have huge DEF stats. In fact, an attempt by Aleister the Invoker to save Magellanica just ends the game right there, since battling is all that needs to happen to burn and that’s 4300 Damage. The downside to consider is that Hyper Psychic Blaster needs a Psychic non-Tuner, so the usual Psi-Reflector combo will not fetch it.

Red Resonator, on top of its generic applications, could be used as a second Tuner in Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode decks to build Red Dragon Archfiend through Red Rising Dragon.

The other Assault Mode support cards than the ones mentioned thus far don’t appear to offer much benefit other than Assault Teleport for the draw and Assault Counter for the omni-negate. Time and playtesting will tell how much impact these new Assault Mode cards will have, but I’d predict that if there is success, the most likely candidates will be Doomkaiser Dragon/Assault Mode or Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode.

Community Thoughts


Mini Boxes have tended to follow a trend in recent memory, predominantly featuring two archetypes with a few sprinkles, giving F2P players competitive decks to play with varying degrees of longevity. The latest box subverts this a bit by also acting as a direct sequel to the Structure Deck EX released recently, but whether that becomes a major selling point for the box depends on more support moving forward.


Shiranui - we got almost everything from this archetype except for two key cards - Shiranui Style Swallow’s Slash and Ghost Meets Girl - A Shiranui’s Story - which pretty much reflects what happened with the previous Mini Box, when RBs missed out on Ritual Beast Steeds. Given that they included Zombie Master and the host of Zombie support already existing in DL (Shutendoji might actually have a use now), Shiranui seems better positioned at climbing the tier list than Ritual Beasts are, given that it has better built-in outs to common meta threats (Shiranui Samurai outs Invoked Cocytus alone, for instance). This is definitely the chase archetype of the box and is a splashable Zombie engine in its own right, which may finally shake up the meta, the only issue being choosing the optimal build for a 20-card deck considering how many viable Main Deck cards we still ended up receiving. Definitely a deck to watch out for even if you’re skipping the box.

Assault Mode - hot off the heels of the latest Structure Deck EX, there’s plenty of support here and new /Assault Mode cards…except the one that would make them work, namely Assault Sentinel or at the very least Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode. Not having Sentinel means you can’t even use the Psi-Reflector combo to go into the new /Assault Mode cards, as all of their Synchro equivalents are Type-locked. While Assault Mode Zero and the draw spell Assault Teleport helps to unbrick bad hands (at the cost of bricking good ones, ironically), the rest of the cards aren’t good enough to bring Assault Mode beyond what the SDEX builds were already capable of doing. Time will tell whether a properly competitive build will come out of the SDEX thanks to these new cards, but KoG-worthy alone a tiered deck does not make.

Card Specific

There is some fringe support for dragons (Dragon’s Mirror that’s meant to synergize with Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon) and FIRE-attribute monsters here, as well as some techs like Book of Life and Ghost Charon, the Underworld Boatman which would have been good with Invokeds if Invoked Raidjin were in the game (Charon + Raidjin in the grave is a Black Rose Dragon).

Getting a great Resonator in Red Resonator isn’t bad too, but its usefulness is challenged by the fact that Red Rising Dragon is not an impactful play and Crystron Needlefiber is far from being released in the TCG, much less DL.

Mystic Tomato may be decent tech for decks like Vampires (or Yubel if you’re for that roleplay life).

There’s also the odd inclusion in Phantasmal Lord Ultimitl Bishbaalkin, which I’m frankly surprised they bothered to add, since I don’t even think it’s worth the memes.

We get the rest of the Dark Synchro Monsters too - Zeman the Ape King, Frozen Fitzgerald, and Underground Arachnid - which all share the Ancient Gear effect of negating Spells and Traps on attack, but without having much else to do.

Finally, Raigeki Break feels like another Assault Mode tech at this point, since you can use it to pitch the non-Assault Beast monsters to try and make those monsters work. As generic tech, it’s about a year and a half too late from being broken.

Conclusion - there’s no really good generic tech to look for here (turn to Main Boxes for those), nor is there anything too spicy, so unless you’ve been really hankering for Zombie support or want to try and make your SDEX investment worth it, this box is very skippable. Just watch out for Shiranuis - they will clap



Assault Mode Support: Sadly Hyper Psychic Blaster and Arcanite Magician can’t be summoned with the standard Psi-Reflector + Assault Beast combo so that makes them worse than any generic Synchro for an /Assault Mode deck.

Assault Mode Zero: it’s kinda weird that it depends on you drawing / searching the “/Assault Mode” but it could be a good 1 of to go for aggresive plays instead of the “Red Dragon Archfiend pass” of the pure structure deck versions of the deck.

It would be Way better if we get Assault Sentinel to fix the main problem of assault mode decks which is not drawing Psi-Reflector

Card Specific

Raigeki Break: It can be a very good disruption card for every deck, specially when most of the decks on the Tier List can’t use Treacherous Trap Hole anymore. The fact that it can also destroy spells and traps makes it a good versatile side deck card in decks like Ritual Reasts to deal with Poisonous Winds or Invoked Purgatrio when you need it

Red Resonator: Probably the best generic tuner in the game right now along with Deep Sea Diva, Red Resonator gives a lot of decks access to Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier and Vulcan the Divine, anyways I don’t expect to see it in Top Tier decks while Elementsaber Molehu still relevant in the meta

Jester Confit: Right now it’s just a Junk Forward for Spellcasters, but if we get generic Lvl 1 support this is one of the best Lvl 1 monster available alongside Kinka-Byo

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