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Box Review: Rampage of the Forest


This is the 10th Mini Box and was released on March 14, 2018. The release of this Box created the following Deck types:

Card List

Ultra Rare Cards

Duel Links Card: Metamorphosed%20Insect%20Queen
Duel Links Card: Armored%20Bee

Super Rare Cards

Duel Links Card: Doom%20Dozer
Duel Links Card: The%20Rock%20Spirit
Duel Links Card: Gigaplant
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Komushroomo
Duel Links Card: Hey,%20Trunade!
Duel Links Card: Dark%20Core
Duel Links Card: Cocoon%20of%20Ultra%20Evolution
Duel Links Card: Memory%20Loss

Rare Cards

Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Hermitree
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Peaskeeper
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Marshalleaf
Duel Links Card: World%20Carrotweight%20Champion
Duel Links Card: Alpacaribou,%20Mystical%20Beast%20of%20the%20Forest
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Flowerknight
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Bladefender
Duel Links Card: Winged%20Rhynos
Duel Links Card: Resonance%20Insect
Duel Links Card: Insect%20Knight
Duel Links Card: Des%20Mosquito
Duel Links Card: Arrivalrivals
Duel Links Card: Gravity%20Lash
Duel Links Card: Spikeshield%20with%20Chain

Normal Cards

Duel Links Card: Cross-Sword%20Beetle
Duel Links Card: Desert%20Protector
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Snapdrassinagon
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Guardioak
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Mikorange
Duel Links Card: Numbing%20Grub%20in%20the%20Ice%20Barrier
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Lotuswain
Duel Links Card: Duck%20Dummy
Duel Links Card: Cockroach%20Knight
Duel Links Card: Demotion
Duel Links Card: Rocket%20Pilder
Duel Links Card: Blessings%20of%20the%20Nile
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Waterslide
Duel Links Card: Mirror%20Mail
Duel Links Card: Spatial%20Collapse
Duel Links Card: Full%20House

Top Player Council Thoughts

superforms says:

As a new archetype, Sylvans get a lot of attention in this box. The archetype seems to be similar to other recent decks like Gladiator Beasts (GB), Bujins, and Aliens, with dedicated monsters for backrow destruction (Gladiator Beast Bestiari, Bujingi Centipede, Alien Telepath), cards to assist with monster removal (Gladiator Beast Murmillo, Bujingi Boar, “A” Cell Recombination Device), and core monsters with high ATK (Gladiator Beast Laquari, Bujin Yamato, Alien Warrior).

In Sylvans these roles are filled by Sylvan Komushroomo (backrow destruction with a nice DEF), Sylvan Marshalleaf (monster removal), and Sylvan Hermitree/Sylvan Guardioak (big beaters with great effects). While GB shuffles into the deck, Bujins dump cards through Yamato, and Aliens use “A” counters, Sylvans get their effects by being excavated and milled (think Magical Merchant) and almost all of the relevant Sylvans both mill and have effects when milled. Although I initially thought Sylvans would not be good, they have performed surprisingly well!

Here’s an introductory guide on Sylvans that I wrote.

Relevant cards

  • Hey, Trunade!: A temporary Fenghuang in spell form, Trunade seems to be best with Cyber Angels (CA) as a tech card. Good against Wall of Disruption and Floodgate Trap Hole, ineffective against Sea Stealth Attack (SSA) (although CA already walk all over SSA), and not a card you’re happy to draw multiples of.
  • World Carrotweight Champion: Great tech card in Sylvans.
  • Dark Core: A decent side-deck card against Cyber Angels since it dodges their graveyard protection.

Not (currently) relevant cards

  • Metamorphosed Insect Queen: Hard to get out and lackluster effect. Two main options for playing Queen have come up: (1) With equip Traps like Kunai with Chain or Metalmorph in combination with Cocoon of Ultra Evolution, or (2) with level 6 monsters that are easy to get out (Destiny HERO Dangerous, Destiny HERO Malicious, Hazy Flame Cerbereus) in combination with Insect Imitation. Neither has had any impact on the meta.
  • Gigaplant: Il Blud for Plants, better in every way (its summoned monsters don’t get destroyed when it does). Unfortunately Gigaplant does not yet have a great deck it can fit into, but it does certainly have future potential.
  • Armored Bee: Decent Gigaplant target, but its effect is easily played around with any number of popular backrow options.
  • Cocoon of Ultra Evolution: Bad without Parasite Paranoid.
  • Doom Dozer/The Rock Spirit: Easy special summons, but don’t seem like they will have any impact on a top tier deck.
  • Memory Loss: A weaker Divine Wrath, only situationally good.
  • All other R and N rarity cards.

Old cards that synergize

  • Rose Lover: Is happy to get milled by Sylvans and can get big Plants out of your hand when they’re drawn instead of milled (Sylvan Hermitree and Sylvan Guardioak especially).
  • Magical Merchant: Obvious synergy with Sylvans and works well in more OTK-oriented builds with Raging Mad Plants.


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