Box Review: Dimension of the Wizards

This is 17th Mini Box and is released on March 11th, 2019. Dimension of the Wizards contains support for Madolche, Naturia and Psychics as well as the new Stromberg decktype.

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Card List

Ultra Rare
Duel Links Card: Arcanite%20Magician
Duel Links Card: Psychic%20Wheeleder
Duel Links Card: Dimensional%20Prison
Super Rare
Duel Links Card: Naturia%20Landoise
Duel Links Card: Gaia%20Knight,%20the%20Force%20of%20Earth
Duel Links Card: Elemental%20HERO%20Escuridao
Duel Links Card: Millennium-Eyes%20Restrict
Duel Links Card: Glife%20the%20Phantom%20Bird
Duel Links Card: Naturia%20Mantis
Duel Links Card: Madolche%20Magileine
Duel Links Card: Madolche%20Hootcake
Duel Links Card: Defender,%20the%20Magical%20Knight
Duel Links Card: Rocket%20Hand
Duel Links Card: Psychic%20Lifetrancer
Duel Links Card: Prinzessin
Duel Links Card: Iron%20Hans
Duel Links Card: Naturia%20Cosmobeet
Duel Links Card: Naturia%20Cherries
Duel Links Card: Naturia%20Ragweed
Duel Links Card: Madolche%20Marmalmaide
Duel Links Card: Old%20Vindictive%20Magician
Duel Links Card: Psychic%20Commander
Duel Links Card: Esper%20Girl
Duel Links Card: Psychic%20Tracker
Duel Links Card: Mekk-Knight%20Avram
Duel Links Card: Golden%20Castle%20of%20Stromberg
Duel Links Card: Iron%20Cage
Duel Links Card: Telekinetic%20Charging%20Cell
Duel Links Card: Naturia%20Sacred%20Tree
Duel Links Card: Past%20Image
Duel Links Card: Explosive%20Magician
Duel Links Card: Pumpkin%20Carriage
Duel Links Card: Iron%20Knight
Duel Links Card: Naturia%20Vein
Duel Links Card: Naturia%20Rosewhip
Duel Links Card: Naturia%20Tulip
Duel Links Card: Naturia%20Ladybug
Duel Links Card: Madolche%20Baaple
Duel Links Card: Magidog
Duel Links Card: Mental%20Seeker
Duel Links Card: Ill%20Witch
Duel Links Card: Sorcerer%20of%20the%20Doomed
Duel Links Card: Glass%20Slippers
Duel Links Card: Naturia%20Forest
Duel Links Card: Psychic%20Feel%20Zone
Duel Links Card: Mythical%20Bestiary
Duel Links Card: Power%20of%20the%20Guardians
Duel Links Card: Naturia%20Pumpkin
Duel Links Card: Arcane%20Barrier
Duel Links Card: Madolche%20Lesson

Community Reviews


There are some incredible psychic support cards in this box! I’ve been asking for lv3 psychic tuners and just psychic support in general, and we got every single good one all in one box, afaik. Also some Madolche and Naturia support, it seems. tbh, besides Psychic Wheeleder, I’m more excited for the R/N cards than the SR/UR cards…


Arcanite Magician: Not that excited for this; yeah, it can pop cards more than once per turn, but then what? It loses 1000 ATK each time it does that (if it removes from itself), or if it gets Paleozoic Canadia, it loses all its spell counters anyway. Too slow for this meta, although it could be shoehorned into some sort of Endymion deck to (try to) pop your opponent’s entire field, and its DEF is OK.

Psychic Wheeleder: Very new TCG card, released about 2 months ago. The secondary effect after synchro summoning with it doesn’t matter too much as it’s just winmore, but what’s good about this is that it’s searchable with Serene Psychic Witch or Overdrive Teleporter, and facilitates summoning something like HTS Psyhemuth, Psychic Nightmare, or even Hyper Psychic Blaster more easily. This is made to be used with Psychic Tracker for lv6 synchros, but if you special summon Risebell the Star Adjuster, you can make a lv6-9 synchro.

Dimensional Prison: Oh god. More battle traps that you have to add to the list of “cards that look like Wall of Disruption”. I’m interested anytime a card banishes, and this is basically a better Sakuretsu Armor. I’d expect a rise in usage of this pretty quickly, as it would actually be pretty good in Duel Links, and it’s fairly cheap, coming from a mini box.


Naturia Landoise: Interesting, this could be used in Karakuris or X-Sabers (or Naturias lol), which come to mind. Some EARTH tuners are Fulhelmknight, Ninishi, and Naturia Butterfly (oh yeah, and Psychic Wheeleder!). Also a target for Mystic Macrocarpa Seed, finally. Perhaps a fun use would be with Gem-Knights, using the fusion spell as negation fodder, and silent doom to revive lv4 normals.

Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth: lmao, basically a normal monster, with terrible DEF, not relevant to the meta. Just a Lv6 Scrap Archfiend but worse stats. Garbage. :-D

Elemental HERO Escuridao: So, he gains ATK for E-HEROs in your GY… that’s all though. Not meta-changing… although, he could be used in a HERO deck that also uses Anki and Mask Change. That’s something.

Millennium-Eyes Restrict: The effect is incredible. The fact that it can equip more than one monster (unlike Destiny HERO - Plasma and Vampire Vamp, for example) makes this card good. Hard to bring out conventionally… normally requires FIVE cards to bring out in 1 turn (Ritual Spell, Ritual Monster, Ritual Fodder, Polymerization, Effect Monster). I have high hopes for this. Fusion substitutes might help this. TimeWizard had the bright idea that Dark - Hex Sealed Fusion + Psychic Wheeleder can bring this out easily.

Glife the Phantom Bird: Golden Castle of Stromberg is in the game?? LOL. Basically useless card to search, because it banishes half of most decks face-down in 1 turn. The secondary effect, I’d argue, is what makes this card extremely worth having 3 of. The fact that it is a TRIGGER EFFECT (like Samurai Skull) makes this a great alternative to Breaker the Magical Warrior (except if you want to use Ancient Gears; it can’t target Geartown).

Naturia Mantis: Y’know, cucking your opponent’s normal summon isn’t that bad, haha. Not many Naturias you want in the GY though… maybe Naturia Pineapple. Decent card, not great.

Madolche Magileine: A searcher card for Madolches? Nice. Only searches monsters, but that’s still good. Always nice to see searchers for an archetype.

Madolche Hootcake: Doesn’t look useful for Madolches at first glance. Madolches are known for usually not having monsters in their GY anyway, so you probably won’t get the special summon effect off unless you tribute-summoned Puddingcess or did something out of the ordinary to get a Madolche in your GY. Perhaps “What Grows in the Graveyard” could be used with this though?

Defender, the Magical Knight: I never did find a use for this in the TCG. One protection for a spellcaster that could be destroyed. Not really fast enough for Duel Links right now imo.

Rocket Hand: Umm, so basically, this card is a sitting duck waiting to be popped, after it is activated… (you can only use one of its effects per turn.) Once you use it and equip it, you have to wait a turn to send it to the GY to target a face-up card to destroy it… nice that you can use it on your opponent’s turn



Arcanite Magician: I really like this card, I don’t know how good it will be in this current meta(probably not viable) but it has a really solid effect and can really hit your opponents resources hard if they have no answers to disrupt its summon. Best deck I can see using this right now is Verger Control with Junk Synchron and cards like Breaker the Magical Warrior and Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, with the latter card being much more relevant in this meta.

Psychic Wheeleder: This card is really solid and I can see it getting better over time, it has the potential to turbo out synchros without costing you your normal summon in some decks, I can see this being good in MPB and the new psychic support of course, Psyemeuth and Nightmare are 2 Psychic synchros that this card can help you go into and both are solid cards.

Dimensional Prison: Really good card, I don’t see it doing much in this meta since battle traps aren’t great but banishing problematic cards in future metas will be invaluable, only downside is that it targets and is a battle trap.


Naturia Landoise: Only deck I can see making some use of this card is Karakuri, Karakuri can make use of him by adjusting their deck builds by adding more combo extenders such as living fossil and iron call. Best play I can see for him is you opening Ninishi, soldier, and anatomy, summon your Burei and do your usual pog of greed setup with strategist, then using Living Fossil(or Iron Call) on soldier to bring out Landoise and ending on a board of Burei and Landoise with 3 cards in hand.

Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth: Garbage SR, pray you don’t get it on your guaranteed SRs on sales.

Elemental HERO Escuridao: Another Garbage card, Hero decks don’t have space for him and his effect of gaining attack is lackluster and doesn’t mesh well with D Heroes who banish their D Heroes with Celestial draws

Millennium-Eyes Restrict: Good card but unfortunately really bad due to not having Relinquished Fusion or Millennium-Eyes Illusionist it’s hand trap. Stick this in your Slash Dragon deck for memes.

Glife the Phantom Bird: REALLY solid card, it has meh stats but is an MST with a body, you will see this card in degen Golden Castle decks and possibly other decks.

Naturia Mantis: Nice effect, not so good due to its restrictive cost like Landoise, not feeling this card.

Madolche Magileine: Archetype searcher, pretty good card but Madolche just aren’t ready to be meta yet.

Madolche Hootcake: Good card that can special a Madolche, I just don’t see how a board of Hootcake and pudding is viable in this meta. Use with Verger skill or Transcendent Crystals.

Defender, the Magical Knight: I have an unhealthy love for cards that involve spell counters, with that being said Defender won’t be meta relevant and I see it at best being a tech card in SB(but Kycoo seems to be better for them rn).

Rocket Hand: This card is coming to a Weevil cancer deck near you! I can see it having use in Weevil Amazons since you can slap this bad boy on an Amazoness Swords Woman and continue to disappoint your parents by being the degenerate person you are.

Cards to Look Out For

Golden Castle of Stromberg: Nutty card that can give you a plus 3 by special summoning Prinzessin then being able to special Pumpkin Carriage and adding Glass Slippers. The maintenance cost for this card shouldn’t scare you since it has potential to do some good plays and is also searchable by Glife. Keep an eye out on decks centered around this card as it most likely will be a deck that cucks your kog rankup.

Esper Girl: Has really good synergy with Serene Psychic Witch, it’s effects are easy to proc as you can just banish this card with witch, special her on the next standby phase, banish a card from the top of your deck, and using Psychic Wheeleder synchro play to add the card to your hand. Keep an eye out on Psychics there is some nice potential there.

Naturia Cherries: I like this card and it’s only an R so it’s fairly cheap, I’m not sure which deck can make use of it right now but it has many uses as being free synchro fodder and also a card that can help you dodge an otk as it doesn’t miss timing.

Box Rating

6/10 with potential to get better with the banlist


If you’re f2p do not invest in this box and wait for the whales to test it and/or a banlist to drop and see where it stands in the next meta. Keep an eye out for Psychics.


Explosive Magician: While its effect to pop backrow isn’t terrible, the cost of removing two spell counters for it is a bit steep. It’s got a good body for a level 6 synchro, but it’s important to remember it’s not a generic synchro, as it does require a non-tuner spellcaster(s), in the same vein as arcanite. Is it worth putting in a spellcaster synchro deck? Maybe. Wheelder plus a level 3 spellcaster is an easy turn 1 Explosive Magician, so that’s neat.

Pumpkin Carriage: Combos with Prinzessin to pressure your opponent’s LP. It has roundabout protect with Golden Castle, so its awful stat line isn’t that huge of a detriment. I can see this being a one of in Prinzessin decks.

Iron Knight: Another Golden Castle card. Can be summoned from the deck with Iron Hans, so that’s cool. Being able to add any warrior from the deck to the hand if Stromberg is on the field when it’s destroyed may be something to keep in mind for future potential. Otherwise, I think it’s pretty mediocre except for putting a body on board. The fact it loses 1000 Atk when Iron Hans is on the field seems like a silly and arbitrary drawback.

Naturia Vein: It’s a level 1 tuner which doesn’t really help since we don’t have Naturia Beast (this plus a level 4 earth could be pretty neat). As it stands, it’s an awful S/T negate.

Naturia Rosewhip: Could be really powerful in heavy S/T formats. Something to keep in mind for future potential.

Naturia Tulip: Pure garbage.

Naturia Ladybug: If we had more Naturia Synchro monsters this might be ok. Because we have just Landoise, this isn’t even moderately good yet. Finding a way to dump this in the GY to actually make its effect useful might prove difficult. Overall, not good.

Madolche Baaple: I don’t think it’ll fit into a modern Madolche deck, but it might be really annoying in a stall strategy? Maybe?

Magidog: Decent body, field spell searcher when Synchroed off for a Spellcaster monster. On the surface, it might seem okay at best, but, in practice, it’s way too slow.

Mental Seeker: Not a terrible card. Could be a decent replacement if Wheelder is beyond your budget and you have Psychic Trackers. Being able to get rid of an essential combo piece from your opponent’s deck might be useful. Overall, Wheelder is just significantly better, but not all of us have the money to go through this box three times.


Sorcerer of the Doomed: WOW KONAMI STOP WITH THESE OP CARDS!!!

Glass Slippers: Combos with Prinzessin and Pumpkin Carriage to pressure your opponent’s LP (1300 per turn! Poke-WOW!). It’s got a cool effect where when Prinzessin is destroyed, you can equip it to a non-fairy monster and it loses 1000 Atk and can’t attack. Can be useful for stalling or weakening your opponent’s monster so you can run over it, then transfer the slippers to another monster and repeat the process. Overall, a very good common card, especially if the Golden Castle archetype turns into a legit strategy.

Naturia Forest: Requires too much setup for a mediocre payoff.

Psychic Feel Zone: Might be an interest tech card for surprise Synchro plays with your banished Psychic monsters. Might fit in really well in Psychic decks, depending on how they evolve after this set. Probably (AT MOST) a two of, probably a one of.

Mythical Bestiary: Sending cards from your deck to your GY as a cost can prove really useful for setting up the GY. With this set having a few viable Spell Counter monsters, this might prove decent at giving them more fuel for their effects. I think the setup for this card is a bit too steep and is a win more card, in most cases.

Power of the Guardians: The Common I feel has the most potential. This might be an interesting card in decks where you want your boss monsters to stick on the field. I think this might actually prevent the End Phase destruction of Koa’ki monsters, which is something I want to test out. The 500Atk/Def per counter is pretty respectable. I think this card is a big sleeper hit and is worth testing out.

Naturia Pumpkin: Can setup a turn 1 Landoise or something. Not that terrible, but requires you to play Naturias for it to use its effect, which actually might make it pretty terrible lol.

Arcane Barrier: Way too slow. The payoff is good, but the format is way too fast for this thing to ever see use.

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