Box Review: Aerial Assault


This is the 24th Main Box and was released on November 11th, 2019. Aerial Assault adds support for Blackwing, Batteryman, Inzektor, and Monarch decks.

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Card List

Ultra Rare
Duel Links Card: Blackwing%20-%20Zephyros%20the%20Elite
Duel Links Card: Brionac,%20Dragon%20of%20the%20Ice%20Barrier
Duel Links Card: Angel%20of%20Zera
Duel Links Card: Invoked%20Purgatrio
Duel Links Card: Blackwing%20-%20Gale%20the%20Whirlwind
Duel Links Card: Blackwing%20-%20Simoon%20the%20Poison%20Wind
Duel Links Card: Jet%20Synchron
Duel Links Card: Inzektor%20Hornet
Duel Links Card: Landrobe%20the%20Rock%20Vassal
Super Rare
Duel Links Card: Dark%20End%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Erebus%20the%20Underworld%20Monarch
Duel Links Card: Eidos%20the%20Underworld%20Squire
Duel Links Card: Batteryman%209-Volt
Duel Links Card: Eccentric%20Boy
Duel Links Card: Spore
Duel Links Card: Lightpulsar%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Inzektor%20Axe%20-%20Zektahawk
Duel Links Card: Swallow's%20Nest
Duel Links Card: Blackbird%20Close
Duel Links Card: The%20Transmigration%20Prophecy
Duel Links Card: Blackwing%20Tamer%20-%20Obsidian%20Hawk%20Joe
Duel Links Card: Assault%20Blackwing%20-%20Raikiri%20the%20Rain%20Shower
Duel Links Card: Assault%20Blackwing%20-%20Chidori%20the%20Rain%20Sprinkling
Duel Links Card: Assault%20Blackwing%20-%20Onimaru%20the%20Divine%20Thunder
Duel Links Card: Drill%20Warrior
Duel Links Card: Jet%20Warrior
Duel Links Card: Blackwing%20-%20Sirocco%20the%20Dawn
Duel Links Card: Blackwing%20-%20Blizzard%20the%20Far%20North
Duel Links Card: Blackwing%20-%20Vayu%20the%20Emblem%20of%20Honor
Duel Links Card: Blackwing%20-%20Kris%20the%20Crack%20of%20Dawn
Duel Links Card: Blackwing%20-%20Oroshi%20the%20Squall
Duel Links Card: Blackwing%20-%20Steam%20the%20Cloak
Duel Links Card: Assault%20Blackwing%20-%20Kunai%20the%20Drizzle
Duel Links Card: Mobius%20the%20Mega%20Monarch
Duel Links Card: Batteryman%20Fuel%20Cell
Duel Links Card: Ancient%20Lamp
Duel Links Card: Sphere%20of%20Chaos
Duel Links Card: Super%20Armored%20Robot%20Armed%20Black%20Iron%20%22C%22
Duel Links Card: Armor%20Blast
Duel Links Card: March%20of%20the%20Monarchs
Duel Links Card: Dark%20Advance
Duel Links Card: Delta%20Crow%20-%20Anti%20Reverse
Duel Links Card: Portable%20Battery%20Pack
Duel Links Card: Blackwing%20-%20Mistral%20the%20Silver%20Shield
Duel Links Card: Blackwing%20-%20Breeze%20the%20Zephyr
Duel Links Card: Blackwing%20-%20Harmattan%20the%20Dust
Duel Links Card: Inzektor%20Hopper
Duel Links Card: Inzektor%20Sword%20-%20Zektkaliber
Duel Links Card: Blackwing%20-%20Gram%20the%20Shining%20Star
Duel Links Card: Assault%20Blackwing%20-%20Sohaya%20the%20Rain%20Storm
Duel Links Card: Light%20End%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Soul%20Hunter
Duel Links Card: Roaring%20Ocean%20Snake
Duel Links Card: Blackwing%20-%20Aurora%20the%20Northern%20Lights
Duel Links Card: Blackwing%20-%20Kochi%20the%20Daybreak
Duel Links Card: Blackwing%20-%20Hurricane%20the%20Tornado
Duel Links Card: Blackwing%20-%20Decay%20the%20Ill%20Wind
Duel Links Card: Drill%20Synchron
Duel Links Card: Bri%20Synchron
Duel Links Card: Synchron%20Carrier
Duel Links Card: Garum%20the%20Storm%20Vassal
Duel Links Card: Bujingi%20Fox
Duel Links Card: Lightray%20Sorcerer
Duel Links Card: Mystic%20Lamp
Duel Links Card: Noisy%20Gnat
Duel Links Card: Chaos-End%20Master
Duel Links Card: Top%20Runner
Duel Links Card: Darklon
Duel Links Card: Re-Cover
Duel Links Card: Spiked%20Snail
Duel Links Card: Lord%20of%20the%20Lamp
Duel Links Card: Bean%20Soldier
Duel Links Card: Invader%20from%20Another%20Dimension
Duel Links Card: Fiend%20Reflection%20%231
Duel Links Card: Dark%20Bat
Duel Links Card: Inzektor%20Crossbow%20-%20Zektarrow
Duel Links Card: Restoration%20of%20the%20Monarchs
Duel Links Card: Synchro%20Change
Duel Links Card: Black%20Return
Duel Links Card: Inzektor%20Gauntlet
Duel Links Card: Shift
Duel Links Card: Tuner%20Capture
Duel Links Card: Mind%20Drain
Duel Links Card: Blackwing%20-%20Jetstream%20the%20Blue%20Sky
Duel Links Card: Blackwing%20-%20Calima%20the%20Haze
Duel Links Card: Inzektor%20Ladybug
Duel Links Card: Inzektor%20Giga-Cricket
Duel Links Card: Raptor%20Wing%20Strike
Duel Links Card: Black-Winged%20Strafe
Duel Links Card: Variable%20Form

Dkayed's Thoughts

Community Thoughts


Blackwings are here and they’re definitely top tier!

Blackwing - Simoon the Poison Wind is busted, can’t believe we actually got the thing. As if 3 Black Whirlwind in a 20 card format wasn’t enough, it boosts having Whirlwind in hand Turn 1 from 50% to 80%

Simoon is an Ultra Rare as well as Blacking - Gale the Whirlwind and Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite in this box. Whirlwind and Blackwing - Bora the Spear are Ultra Rares in a different Main BOX, which results in this deck being very expensive as you need 3 Simoon, 3 Whirlwind, 3 Gale, 2-3 Bora and 1 Zephyros.

Lists are yet to be optimized, but we are testing more and more for further improvements

I’d say the deck has great Tier 1 potential. Consistency, negation, and the ability to easily pump out big Synchro Monsters with great effects are reasons to back this up. Only it would be difficult to prove standings in tournaments due to the deck’s overall price


Blackwings obviously the main archetype of this box and they got so many amazing cards such as Blackwing - Simoon the Poison Wind, Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind and Blackbird Close. What remains to be seen is how this deck will behave versus combo disruption such as The Sanctified Darklord or even Invoked Caliga.

Invoked also got a gigantic boost in Invoked Purgatrio which can: go to 3500 ATK easily, attack all opponent monsters, do piercing damage, see the future, solve a Rubik’s cube in 5 seconds…

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier is also a really great addition as a generic Level 6 Synchro!

Do not sleep on Landrobe the Rock Vassal which will definitely boost any Tribute Summon-dependent deck such as Monarchs


Specific Cards

Invoked Purgatrio: This card is incredible, but the only problem is that we only have 1 Fire monster in current meta in Lava Golem

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier: We lack good level 6 synchros, this will be the best generic level 6, since it allows good board control. Only downside is that it costs a lot of resources.

Jet Synchron: Overall a good tuner, but due to the Beatdown nerf most Synchro decks struggle.

Mind Drain: A card that everyone should get. This is an awesome sidedeck card against Darklords.


Blackwings are probably the archetype most of you guys are interested in. The biggest problem for Blackwings are their ATK stats, any monster that has 2800 ATK/DEF will cause problems problems. They have options to lower a monster’s ATK/DEF, increase their own, and effects that change battle position, etc. The only problem is that all of these effect target, so a card like Invoked Cocytus can wall Blackwings. They do have Assault Blackwing - Onimaru the Divine Thunder that can raise its ATK to 6000, but this card might be hard to bring out to the field. The advantage that Blackwings have is that they can spam the field with monsters and Synchro Summon easily. They even have an opton to search monsters cards and many of them can be Special Summoned. Their Darklords matchup will determine how effective this deck will be. Their answer to monster effects is Blackbird Close, if this Counter Trap proves itself good, Blackwings will have an amazing Darklord and Ritual Beast matchup. Another problem that Blackwings might have is they may brick a lot and consistency may lead to less options for the deck. In theory the deck is strong, practice will prove how good it is. The most interesting cards are Blackwing - Simoon the Poison Wind, Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind and Blackbird Close (might suck, requires testing).

The Monarch support is good, but the big problem of the deck is that their effects are outdated and the monster stats are low. They will struggle against Invoked and Darklords, because their monsters are not strong enough and they will get walled easily. They are also somewhat slow.

Inzektor Hornet is an amazing addition to the deck, the only downside is that it can’t destroy everything. The biggest problem that this deck will have is that its backrow will get clogged. An advantage it has is that it is one of the few decks that can run Parasite Infestation. When combined with the fact that Inzektors can attack directly, this can be a true menace. The new equip skill also gives them enough attack to swing over monsters.

Tell us your own thoughts on the Box in the comments below! The best quality review/first impression will be featured on the site!

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