Thunder Dragons is an archetype based on the original card Loading..., a quite old card both on TCG/OCG and in Duel Links. Most of the Thunder Dragons monsters have discard effects, while also having an effect when they are banished, and since they all have Light and Dark attributes, they also fit as a Chaos themed deck.

The playstyle is control oriented deck with floating and different ways to triggers search effects maintaining you card advantage, while also having ways to swarm the board and overwhelm your opponent. While the deck doesn't require your Normal Summon (maybe besides your starting play), it can utilize Tuners to get access to a the Synchro toolbox or using more extenders to utilize better the Xyz toolbox, that can help you dealing with tricky scenarios, annoying monsters and to clear opponents boards.

Latest News and Info

Tuning is HERE! But it's a little too late, it would've been amazing during the time Loading... was unlimited. Tuning can give variety of plays as it can search cards like Loading..., Loading... or Loading..., while also sending the top card of your deck to the GY helping a little with consistency, but it doesn't create new opening plays without starter cards and it would be just an extender, and for that it’s just not worth playing over something like Loading.... Tuning can still be fun :) .

Xyz era is HERE and THUNDER DRAGONS are TOP TIER!!! With the addition of different kinds of removal and some turn one options in our Xyz card pool, we don't have to rely on Normal Summoning a tuner or relying on milling it to have more options to play through disruptions or to break opponent’s board, which helps with consistency.

Even though Xyz mechanic doesn't trigger Thunder Dragons, it still lets you move them from the field to the GY, which helps you summon Chaos monsters, letting you trigger Thunder Dragons to make up for minus of the Xyz summon or to get advantage.

Here is the old guide if you want to check it out.

If you are trying to build this deck from scratch or aren't sure how you should approach and which boxes to prioritize when digging for techs/cards to improve your deck, check this doc that I made with a more visual approach.

Core Cards

First I’m going to talk about how the cards work and explain about the ratios

The following monsters have 2 effects:

  • You can discard the monster to activate the effect
  • If the monster leaves the field or if it’s banished (and yes, “if” not “when” none of them can miss the timing) And you can only use one of the effects once per turn.

Note: "You can only use one of the effects once per turn" means that if they are negated you CANNOT activate the same or the other effect that turn.

The monsters are:

Thunder Dragonroar (2-3x)

  • Discard effect (ignition): add a thunder dragon card from grave or banished to your hand
  • If banished or sent from field: specials summons thunder dragon from deck in defense (the monster returns to your hand in the end phase)

Both effects are essential for the deck.

The discard effect can recycle all the cards from the archetype, including s/t banished by a Loading... for example. While the 2nd one is really accessible with Loading... or Loading... which can banish from your deck. This effect can give you a free body on the field to be used for a synchro or tribute summon. And during your opponents turn will give you an extra defense in case they remove your roar, it will float into another TD in your deck.

How many of this you should run? It really depends on your build here some factors you should consider:

  • 3 Copies
    • In case only 2 Loading...
    • Better chances of having in your starting hand:
    1. Good for tribute summon/set
    2. Good along with Loading...
    3. Good along with Loading...
    • Better chances of having in your deck (to use with Gold Sarcophagus)
    • More Recycle (Good for longer duels).
  • 2 Copies
    • Can be bricky if no starter
    • Recommended for 20 card builds.

Thunder Dragondark (2-3x)

  • Discard effect (quick effect): add another copy of itself from the deck.
  • If banished or sent from field: adds thunder dragon card from your deck to your hand.

The searcher of the deck. The good part is that you can use the same copy to search multiple times along the duel (still once per turn). Deck thinning ability.

About the ratio:

  • 3 Copies:
    • Good in your starting hand with no starter and along with hawk
    • Good in your starting hand along Loading...
    • Ok to thin the deck during your opponents turn if you go 2nd
    • Good to have in your deck (so you can special summon with roar's effect)
    • Decent in your starting hand along with Loading...
    • Helps to summon Loading... and "Chaos" monsters.
  • 2 Copies:
    • Builds with no Loading..., as you don't good reasons to have it in your hand.
    • Makes the 1st effect for the deck thinning not a great option.