About the Website

Duel Links Meta is a competitive community for the game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, comprised of its top players. Anytime, weekly, and monthly tournaments are hosted by this community.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us at DuelLinksMeta (at) gmail.com


Various members have different roles in order to perform certain tasks and keep the website up to date and functional. An explanation of these roles are provided below.


People with this role provide leadership and organization to the site. They determine the priority of functionality, articles and various structures to how the site is built and maintained.


This group of people builds and maintains all functionality on the website. At times, they may contribute to various content on the site, but their main role is maintenance and addition to its structure.

Top Player Council

The Top Player Council is comprised of several members that have shown over a period of time their continued high performance in various tournaments that they have the ability to provide keen insight on various cards, skill, deck types, etc. dealing with the meta of the game. This group is heavily involved in maintaining the tier list and providing feedback various game changes.

Deck Type Expert

These people have proven themselves in one form or another that have insight on a particular deck type. They've reached King of Games (KoG) several times with this deck type, have topped several tournaments with it and have most likely developed an introduction (or in-depth) guide of that deck type.

Content Manager

Content managers provide supervision over all content produced on this website. This includes articles, guides, news reports, etc. If there are any content based issues with the site, they are the first to process it and either address it themselves or assign/research the proper channels.

Graphic Artist

Graphic artist create and design various banners, icons, logos and other artistic variants for the website.